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Diversify Your Portfolio with European ETFs

Investing in Europe can be a good way to diversify your portfolio as Europe has some of the largest and stable economies in the world, and many of these European ETFs have decent yields. You can invest in the entire continent of Europe or you can invest in individual countries with European ETFs, which is easier than having to research the individual companies of each European country.

Diversify Your Portfolio with ETFs from Latin America

South America map
Investing a small portion of your portfolio in Latin America with ETFs is a good way to diversify your portfolio in emerging markets. Latin America has a wealth of natural resources that other countries need and Brazil is the 7th largest economy in the world. Currently in early 2016, the Brazilian Bovespa Stock Index is up and Brazil could finally see an improving economy along with a new president.

Diversify Your Portfolio by Investing in India

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India has been one of the hot stock markets during the past year and could remain a good place to invest some of your money and diversify your portfolio. Known as one of the BRIC countries, India has one of the largest economies in the world and an up and coming consumer class with growing GDP.

Investing in the Next Form of Renewable Energy, Algae

jet fuel made from algae
Jet fuel from algae / Honeywell CC BY-SA 3.0
In the mid 1970s during the oil embargo, the United States decided to bump up its efforts to find alternative energy sources including oil shale. But as soon as the oil embargo ended, Americans were right back to using oil and the idea of alternative fuel sources faded into the background. What will be the next alternative fuel source.

6 Great Summer Job Ideas for Teenagers

Getting a summer job is one of the best ways for teenagers to earn money, gain work experience and learn job skills at a young age. And a summer job can also lead to a full time job during the school year and beyond.

10 Steps to Becoming the Best Team Leader at Work

leadership qualities
A team leader might be an owner, manager or coworker and is someone that every job or company needs.  A team leader is someone to look to for help without being talked down to or ignored. You can follow these steps and be that team leader every successful company needs.